THE PLAN - Where are we heading - what do we want to do


The plan for a looong voyage had been there for a long time. No one knows exactly when the 10. of June 2004 or 2005 was put up as the departure date, but it could have been around 2000. The Plan was there also before that, but from about 2000 the plan became more real. The 10. of June was chosen, because this was the date two friends of Eivind left Norway for their looong sailing trip, in the boat “Gefion”, some years earlier. Because of practical reasons the date was later adjusted to 3. of July, and the year was set to 2005.
The regular crew for the voyage is Mate Heidi and Captain Eivind. The plan is to be underway for apx. 5 years. But it can be for a longer period, and it can also be for a shorter period...
We have a plan, some wishes and some ideas of where we want to sail for the next coming years.


Only one thing is for sure – plans are made to be changed underway…
The plan is to cross the Bay of Biscay from Falmouth to La Coruña . Then we follow the Spanish and Portuguese west coast south, before we head for the island Porto Santo. The first absolute date we have to bee ware of, is the 20. of November 2005. That is the startdate for ARC 2005, from Las Palmas to St. Lucia. Empire is competing in the racing class
Christmas 2005 is to be celebrated at Bequia, together with Mariann and probably several other Scandinavian boats. Then we will sail around in the Caribbean Sea for some months, before we head south (and east) for Brazil and Argentina.
In December 2006 we hope to be heading for South Georgia followed by Antarctica in January– if the weather allows us.
Then we plan to head north, through Patagonia and the west side of South America. We don't know how far north we will go, before sailing west. One possibility is to head west for the Easter Islands. Another possibility is to head north to Galapagos. A third possibility is both of the above mentioned of course, but the distances are great.
The islands and atolls in the Pacific Ocean are many – where we are going to drop the anchor we don't know by the time the voyage starts.
November to April is hurricane season in this part of the Pacific and Empire will head for New Zealand.
After the hurricae season we want to visit Fiji before we sail to Australia and Asia
We will find out underway if we head
north up the Red Sea or south around Cape of God Hope and Africa. Either way we will later cross the Atlantic Ocean once again, and sail north the east coast of North America . Then we will head for Greenland and Svalbard (Spitsbergen), before we finally go south, back to Norway.
If we can arrange everything, we would like to put the boat on shore at Svalbard, and stay the winter in an old hunter's hut. By the time we are leaving Oslo , we don't know whether we will be allowed to do this, or if it is possible to do this – but we will find out by the time we get there… At this moment it is an idea, and then we will see. Anyway, if we are going to make it, we have to do some homework before we get there.