FIJI , May 2008


3.reef and 25m/s on our way to Fiji.

Bucket shower on the stern.

Monrning glory on Fiji.
Nathaniel at the helm. Flying passenger. One of several big Dorados
on our way to Fiji.
Reserved the Captain. Mint cookies with chocolate,
everybody's favourite.
A pile of sweet and juicy
oranges for only 1 FJD.
Kava market in Suva the
capital of Fiji.
Empire and Afriki outside the
village Waisomo at Ono.
Iso is pouring kava from the big tanoa bowl, the bows started with low tide cups but
advanced to hightide cups - filled up with tranquilising Kava.
Local boys. "Our family" at Ono. Empire.
Lay helped Eivind to put the
dingy in the water.
We visited the Methodist
church on Mothersday at
The village satellite telephone.
Eivind and crew are repearing Isos boat. Heidi. Empire in Yasawa, Fiji.
Barbeque at the beach in Yasawa. Fish, potatos and vegetables on the fire. Coconut water as a starter.
Eivind is looking for the
dinner of the day.
A few hours work...
Ian with a travally on the
spear gun.
It is not always easy to drink
form natures cup...
Eivinds coconut tecnique is
getting better and better.
Shawna from Afriki caught
fish the local way with a line
and a little hook.
Underwater world at Astrolabe Reef in Fiji.
Ian from Afriki in action with his big spear gun.
Jaffa is teaching Ian how to
prepare a moray eel.
Sandra. Wally. Nathaniel.
Beautiful anchorages in Astrolabe Reef and the Mamanucas islands at Fiji.