NEW CALEDONIA, September 2008


Two boats in the same direction is a regatta... The whale inspctors got this picture before their camera went out of battery. Humpback whale in diving position.
It is good to have long arms when you are on your own. Eivind used the opportuinty to make a baby table for the toilet when he was alone... The mangroves is streching above the water to get air.
Bjørnar is rowing while the Captain enjoy to have crew onboard again... We wanted to find out if the ships bell was still on the bridge, but it was to rotten and dangerous... Baye Maa,
Grande Terre,
New Caledonia.
Eivind's mother enjoyed herself both on the short and the longer voyages in the Pacific Ocean. It looks ok but we only had 20 cm of water under the keel, we gave up. Interesting plot line from when we tried to enter the reef to Ilot Moro.
Irene and Heidi at Iles de Pins. In teh background is one of the special pine trees, they can be as high as 60 m and 2 m in diameter. Ile des Pins - on of the paradises (but very touristified) south of Grande Terre. Carving like this is normal to see along the roads in New Caledonia.
Eivind was demonstrating the sound of a big fish on the fishing rod when this happenend...

Big swell in Baye de Kuto.

Eivind has not forgot his climbing skills.
Bjørnar is dressed for exploring Ile des Pines. The sand at Ile des Pins is as white as snow. Baye de Kuto,
Ile des Pins,
New Caledonia.
Here but not further - Ilot Moro. Skilled Mechanic Wanted - the engine has been under waater for 10 years. Standing at the helm keeps the sea sicknes away.
Irene is a sporty lady and enjoyed sailing in the Pacific Ocean. Last time we met this fregate was in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Noumea Underwater World opened only a year ago and display a good varaiety of the ocean life.
Nothing to say to the body shape after 3 years of sailing. Cool cow - made of corn beef boxes. Noumea Cultural Center - by Renzo Piano, Architect Heidi was extra interested in this building.
Irene og Heidi utfører en av favoritthobbiene - sten og skjell-plukking. Eivind & Heidi. Irene nyter sol og varme dager i lagunen på Ouvea.
Have you put on some waight since last time...? Irene has never been a "bathing angel" but in the turquoise water she wanted to go. It is good to be back onboard.
The wind was fresh during our passage from Ouvea in New Caledonia to Vanuatu.
A windy passage from New Caledonia to vanuatu. Good wind, good book and good chockolate cake - what more do you need? The special pine trees grows along the coast of New Caledonia.
Small catch - 11kg Dorado. All that blood, Arne - but it all disappered after washing... Fish for breacfast, lunch and dinner...