We invited Sverre Erik from the Norwegian sailboat Vagabond Virgin to join us for a trip to South Island. We filled the car with camping gear and headed south. The plan was a 10 days expedition hiking in some of the scenic reserves on the South Island.
The first five days we had lovely weather and summer temperatures. In Abel Tasman national park we walked for two days with tent, primus, sleeping bag, beef, red wine and bacon and egg on our back. We discovered that it is heavy to carry all you want when hiking. It is much easier to have it onboard...
We camped further south on the west coast in wonderful nature, but it got colder. We saw the Fox Glacier through rain and fog. We crossed South Island via Arthur's Pass to Christchurch, before we headed north to catch the ferry back to North Island.

Norsewood - the Norwegian "City" at North Island. Danevirke - the Danish City at North Island.

Three happy trampers– Sverre Erik from Vagabond Virgin, Heidi and Eivind.

Picton - our first touch with the South Island. Heidi the photographer. Ready for the first night in tent, Picton.
We entered the little vessel as it was on the trailer. Up front you can see the tractordriver, as he is about to launch us at the shallow beach. It is a lot of stuff to carry, when you have it all to "survive" for a couple of days in a row…

We took the boat to Tonga Island. From Tonga Island we tramped back along the coastline. Some places the scienery looks as we shoud have been in the Tropics, even tough we weree at 40 degres S.

Low tide = shortcut Small suspending bridges also gave some shortcuts. Almost tropic forest, even tough we are far south of Equator.
The Abel Tasman Track follows the coastline most of the way, so we did not feel that the distance to the sea was to big... If you are to be moored at the bottom, it is safest to use the anchor... A little brake...
Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki on the west coast of South Island. It was not high tide at the time we visited the Pancake Rocks, so we did not see or hear the roaring cascades of water the place also is known for.
From along the road, South Island.
Queen Charlot Sound. Arthurs Pass. Arhurs Pass.
Arthurs Pass is at about 1000 meters above sealevel.The temperature was lower than in the lowlands. Devil's Puncbowl at Arthurs Pass is a 130 meter long waterfall and is a known site at South Island. The roads at the west coast of South Island sometimes reminded about the roads in the western parts of Norway.
Westland or was it wet land...   Arthur Pass.
One week and we got pretty good at putting the tent up and down. The tenting life has many good sides.
It was quiet windy at the east coast of South Island.
Kaikorua means shellfish. According to the legend it was from this place the halfgod Maui was fishing, when he caught the North Island on the hook, and pulled it on shore.
Look out for seals the next 4 kilometres – have not seen this roadsign in Norway…