THELMA , January - April 2008

We were there when the beautiful 110 year old lady was launched after 6 months with refitt work. It was that day we came to talk to Tony Blake, the Captain on Thelma. He told us that he needed crew. We did not hasitate long before we joined in. The last months in Auckland we have not sailed Empire much - but we have sailed - on Thelma

Thelma, while she still was sailing in the Mediterrainian Thelma is riged with topsail and cutter rig. She used to sail with 177m², today she also has a genaker. There a lot of ropes to handle on an old classic sailboat.
Hauraki Gulf, east of Auckland Sky Tower in Auckland City is visible from a great distance Thelma is a beautiful 73 feet lady
The small sail in the top is called Jack Topsail It is a lot of activity around old classic boats in NZ Crowded on the start line during Auckland Aniversary Regatta
Whaitangi, Thelmas four year older sister Whaitangi and Thelma are buildt by the Logan brothers in Auckland at the end of 1800 Fiona and Tony Blake
Just before the finish line Prize passed the finish line only a few meters in front of us
Heidi & Eivind Human bom is not against the rules During Thelmas first regatta one of the bloks broke
Eivind is raporting Nat from American Bahati also sailed on Thelma John - on of the NZ crew
James - on of the NZ crew Life at the stern is not always as busy as up front Thelma can also be a wet lady to sail
There are no whinches onboard, enough crew and the right exchange in the blocks are essential
Mate Heidi at the helm on Thelma James relaxing during a night sail to Mahurangi Captain Eivind on the helm at Thelma
The social is an important part of sailing. During the Rangitoto Race "the kag" was introduced
Rangototo Race is around the island Rangitoto outside Auckland
Morning Bath Mahurangi Weekend with a race around Te Haupa Island
It takes time to learn all the right knots Opening of "the kag" John with the remainings of the broken block
It is a lot to learn while sailing a gaf rigged boat for the first time Knots and ropes, ropes and knots... Rigging of Thelma after refit and relaunch