VANUATU , June - July 2008


A lovely Wahoo on the hook - and safely onboard. One of our favorit-fishes.

Looking for coralheads - on our way in to the lagoon Mallao Bay.

Don Tærst in Mallou Bay when the Captain and the Mate is exploring.
Eivind & Heidi - found "their" paradise in Vanuatu. Empire in Mallao Bay, Lelepa Island, Vanuatu. Gloat while you can - or - "it is lonely on the top" ??
The vegetable marked in Port Vila is open 24 hours a day. The market-laydies have a relaxed attitude to their work.It is a long way home, so it easier to rest under the table...
Martin (8) on summer-vacation and sail-course with Captain Eivind.

Green for the lush vegetation, red for the vulcanoes, black for the people, and the yellow "Y" for the formation of all the Vanuatu islands. The symbol is a tusk (vild pigs tooth), for wealth and prosperity.

The Empire-crew exploring the caves of Lelepa Island. A mighty chief is said to be buried here, but we did not find him.
Martin (8), Marte (10), Mona and Oddenjoyed their 14 days onboard Empire.  Marte checking if the beack is in the category "white sandy beach". Martin ready for a bath and to explore the underwaterworld of Mallao Bay. 
Odd - saying hello to his collegues at work on the other side of the globe... Bug breakfast or bug lunch - actually it doesn´t matter... Dangerous or harmless ? - We did not know the answer...
The seasicknnes disappears quickly when a big fish is on the hook... Marte and Martin in their "Gameboy-position". Wahoo - one of the King Fish-spieces.
Port Resolution at the voulcanic island Tanna was us a very special experiencefor all of us. The traditional houses in the village Port Resolution. The Empire-crew on a guided tour through Port Resolution.
Martin and Marte gave away some of their clothes to the local children, which was very appreciated. The local children were bathing all the time. When Martin and Mona also got in the water, it was extra fun.
The circumcision ceremony is important for a man from from Tanna and his family. As a symbol of the mans fertility the cut of foreskin is buried in the ground and a palm tree is planted in the same place.

Some more practice, and Martin is ready to climb the cocnut-palms together with the Captain... The loacal canoes is made with and without mast/sail. It takes one man about one momth to build a canoe like this.
Odd and Eivind trevelling across Tanna to Lenakel. We were a bit exited before entering the edge of the crater of the voulcano Yasur at Tanna.
Yasur is a very alive voulcano. These pictures are taken by Ian from the Canadian yacht Afriki a week before our visit. A foggy experience at the edge of the craterlyden. The sound was unbelivable !!!
Marte was a bit frigtened of the sound from Yasur. It was not just looking like scary - it WAS scary ! The night before we left Tanna the wind changed and we got Empire's deck full of ashes. The voulcanoe Yasur at Tanna is very visble from a long distance.