THAILAND, January - March 2010

After New Years we still sailed in the area around Phuket. We stayed there until we sailed - south towards Australia via Malaysia and Indonesia (and not westward as planned)!!
Empire had a needed "shine up" on the hard in the mud hole Boat Lagoon Marina. Suddenly Eivind's son Peder came visiting. Together we behaved as "regular tourists" on some of the beaches and other tourist attractions around Phuket. When we were ready to hoist the anchor and set sail for Maldives, we discovered the "surprise"...

With Grandmother and Grandfather onboard, we sailed in the Phangna Bay
among amasing rock formations.
Fun with a play mate - Siebe from Netherland and Eirik enjoyed each others company. Siebe had a lot of things to teach Eirik. Too bad - the few times Eirik has met kids of his age on tour, we are sailing in different directions too soon...
The fishermen often came alongside to sell fresh fish and schrimps.
Grandma Vigdis and Grandpa Tore enjoyed Eirik's company - Eirik enjoyed theirs.
Dinner onboard with Grandma and Grandpa - and Lisbeth and Vegard from the Norwegian yacht Pomona. Nai Harn - a popular harbour among sailors in Phuket. Thailand is HOT. A haircut makes life much better.
"I am groving into a BIG boy...!"
Eivind's son Peder has sailed with Empire many times since we departed
Oslo, Norway. When visiting in Phuket there was no sailing...
Good helpers make work "easier". Peder and dad ensure that Empire returns safely to her right element - Boat Lagoon, Phuket. There was also some time for recreation during the stay on the hard.
Elephant riding with Peder - and Nat from the American yacht Bahati. Exploring one of the beaches at the west coast of Phuket. Peder got his first surfing lessons when he visited in Australia - and is improving.
When anchored in Nai Harn, the teak deck was re-sealed. Bjørnar signed onboard for his 11. visit since we threw off from Oslo, Norway in 2005. "The Captain to be" to the right?
Nice sailing towards Langkawi with Anne-Britt and Bjørnar onboard..

When the rest of the crew is relaxing,
the little sailor takes care of the business.

Eirik checking the limitations of his safety harness. It is important to strech the back now and then... Any fish soon... ??
Bergan's kid backpack modified for tropical conditions. Telaga Harbour and the islands south of Langkawi. Family 3...
As an architect Heidi found great interest in the
bridge near the top of the cablecar at Langkawi.
Bjørnar and Anne-Britt sailed with Empire from Phuket to Langkawi and back.
Don Tærst Ko Muk Eirik in the cave at Ko Muk.
The Hong at Ko Muk is without a roof - and is almost like a little lagoon. "The sailors" Anne-Britt and Bjørnar were working hard to get some tan... We picked up Carl-Petter at Ko Muk - the "stink boat man" enjoyed textiles...
From the terrace at Time for Lime (Ko Lanta) you can see all the way to Phi Phi Islands. Thai cooking class at "Time for Lime", Ko Lanta. Tuk-tuk is an interresting veichle - Ko Lanta.
When Pomona weighed her anchor in Nai Harn we thought we wouldn't see each other before Farsund (Norway) in 2013... Carl-Petter and Eivind doing repairs on the diving compressor. Eirik on a count down.
4. March 2010 - Eirik - The Sailor - 1 year !!!
Kate and Rob from Aries Tor and Anders (Don't Worry in the Caribbean) a quiet evening in Nai Harn, Phuket. At the sailmaker Rolly Tasker we found many sails that were heading for the Norwegian dealer Gran Seil. Anders and Eirik became best mates.