SOUTH ATLATIC OCEAN - Ascension - February 2012

650 nm after hoisting the anchor at fabolous St. Helena, we just before sunrise one morning saw Ascension in the horizon. The peak of Green Mountain was hidden in the clouds. It is with a reason that the top is called "the forest in the clouds". Seen from the ocean brown and black lava dominates. There is no vegetation near the coast. At first the island looked "cold" and deserted. When we went ashroe it seemed like Ascension was "without soul". Sett fra sjøen dominerer goldt brunrødt og sort lavalandskap på Ascension. Nær kysten finnes det ingen vegetasjon. Øya kunne tilsynelatende se både kjedelig og trist ut, og da vi gikk i land virket øya nærmest ”uten sjel”... The ten fantastic and memorable days at "The Rock" passed quickly. We were positively surprised as we got to know the island...

Singel line reefing system gives a lot of rope inside the mainsail boom. Marius` favourite book, inherited from Eirik after first also being his favourite book. Ascension Island – an island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. The nearest neighbour is St. Helena 650 nautical mikes further south.
Empire anchored in Clarence Bay outside Georgetown at Ascension. The last day we visited Empire was the only yacht in the bay. Marius "in charge" from his place when we are anchoring. Danish Kresten trying to keep the ”Piranhas” away.
View over Georgetown and Claerence Bay where Empire is anchored. The people at St. Helena say: ”We know we live on a rock, but the people at Ascension live on lava and ash...” At the east coast waves hit the shore 365 days a year - some places the ocean has made fantastic blow holes.
When exploring Ascension by car we discovered several bright orange crans. The crabs were real "land cranbs" probably with origin from the first settelers on the island. On the highest point of Green Mountain, a lovely break from the heat in the lower areas.
On our way to Ascension's highest peak we met the 3 children family from the Falkland Islands. A few days later they visited Empire.
The museum in Georgetown tells about the Ascension history.
We found a good technique to to get on shore and on board. Sometimes it was a bit exciting...
When the Captain and the Mate loads the dinghy, the two sailors wait in safety. Exciting visit to the playgroup "Ladybird".
We discovered several opened nests where the eggs were destroyed.

Eirik makes sure that the turtle gets safely back in the ocean. Every morning we saw tracks from many turtles heading to the ocean. Eivind studying how turtles "do it".
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