SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN - St. Helena - February 2012

After celebrating Christmas and New Years in Cape Town we headed north west in the South Atlantic Ocean, toward the little British island of St. Helena. We really fell in love with the island and the people living there. Eivind would have liked to settle in St. Helena, but Heidi was not that happy about that idea...

During the longer voyages we have good time to read a book for the children. Though reading books to ourselves is not that easy... Eirik loves to help when things are to be done... Marius knows that it is important to "hold the boat"!
St. Helena ahead - 12 days after leaving Cape Town. Dolphins showed us the way around the northern point of St. Helena. The smile always gets big with dolphins around.
Seabourn Quest anchored outside Jamestown, St. Helena - The Norwegian Oslo-based Yran and Storbraaten Architects have designed the ship. This is what Jamestown looks like from the bridge of Seabourn Quest. Empire in the foreground. Photo: Geir-Arne Thue-Nilsen. From the bridge of Seaborn Quest you look down on Empire... Photo: Captain Geir-Arne Thue-Nilsen.
Jamestown is the capital on St. Helena. A few yachts were anchored in the bay outside town. Danish Kresten (s/y Exabyte) and Eirik playing in one of the forts earlier guarding St. Helena. It is "party-time" when one of the hatches down to "all the funny" stuff is opened..
Jacob`s Ladder - 699 high steps between lower and upper part of Jamestown. Eirik walked all the stairs on his own legs!
Eivind ran up the stairs in 6½ minute. Beat it if you can! Ocean as far as you can see. The nearest land is Ascension about 700 nm to north north west. Jamestown is not known for its green mountain sides...
After capturing Napoleon the British sent him in exile to St. Helena. Today Napoleon`s 2 houses are French property - and open to the public.
St. Helena comes up from a more than 5000 meter deep ocean. Diana`s Peak is the highest point on the island with 823 meters.
Green and lush scenery in the higher parts of St. Helena.

Volcanic black beach on the north east side of St. Helena. Turtles come here to nest. Jonathan is the oldest inhabitant of St. Helena - about 160 years old! "See you in Scandinavia"-dinner on board Swedish Lovisa. From St. Helena we were heading in different directions.
Eirik ran over and grabbed the girls - and took them to the playground! Few calm beaches made the swimming pool in Jamestown to a popular area. "To a Norwegian yacht" it said on the package we found in St. Helena Yacht Club - from Norwegian sailors Lars and Martin in s/y Zimmer Down.
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