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Sail s/y Empire
You don`t necessarily need any sailing experience to sail with Empire. You can learn what you need onboard – you can learn as little or as much as you want. By taking actively part in our everyday life – from sail handling, anchoring and navigation, to fishing, cooking and baking and taking care of two small kids, you will probably get the best experiences…
The most important qualities we look for from our guests, is that you are adventurous, humorous, practical and sociable.
When you sign onboard Empire you step in to another reality, a totally different lifestyle full of challenges, possibilities and new experiences. You must be able to adapt and adjust and have an open mind for people and situations.
We can give you – in good and bad – an experience for life!

Life onboard
Hoisting the anchor, put up the sails, see dolphins and whales swim by, explore remote islands, waterfalls, a mountain peak, meet the locals, swim, dive, paddle, spearfish, fishing, walk, barbeque on the beach, sail into the sunset, time to relax and let your thoughts wander – this are all part of the everyday life aboard Empire.
The sailing life is a healthy, active and simple lifestyle. We are not only underway and experiencing and exploring new people and places, there is also a lot of maintenance to be done on the boat and her equipment.
Some days can be tiring and frustrating. The wind may blow straight ahead, or it may blow with gale force, or a strong squall gusts by… The wind may shift and the anchor start dragging.
The weather is a big part of the game. The weather is not always the weather we want it to be. In the end it is the weather that decides, not the Captain… These are all challenges that are a part of our life and a part of the adventure.
Your morning swim might be a refreshing swim just after waking up – or maybe you prefer a bucket wash aft in cockpit underway. In colder areas you may prefer to warm the water a bit first…
We cook the food ourselves. If we are lucky the ships stores supply get a supplement with fresh fish from the ocean.
Anchored or not, Marius and Eirik start their day early. There may be a chance for an afternoon nap!. If we are underway, life goes on – with 4 hours on watch and 4 hours off watch!
To us life is not about experiencing the most anchorages or to sail as fast as possible. On our looong voyage it is more important “to enjoy what there is to enjoy”. We are sailing conservatively because we never know where next place to get spare parts is or we never know where we are able to repair what we can`t repair our selves.
Normally we prefer to spend a few days anchored when we first anchor in a nice bay. Then we may sail a bit longer to the next beautiful place.
As the sun rise we put up the anchor, hoist the sails and point out the course. When you can feel the smell of coffee in cockpit, we are already on our way to new experiences. Underway we enjoy the movements of the ocean, behind the wheel or by the winch, or with a good book. In the shadow of the bimini or in lee of the dodger – or in the galley to prepare lunch…
Arriving at a new island in a new bay is always satisfying. The boat suddenly stop moving around from wind and sea, sails are taken down and cockpit is cleaned for ropes and sailing gear. The anchor gets a good grip in the ocean floor. A new place is waiting for us to explore. Some take the dinghy ashore, some go for a swim or maybe just want to relax. After a beautiful voyage maybe you are able to see the sun go down into a peaceful ocean. Maybe it is time for dinner, good company and pleasant evening. You sleep well after days like this… - and you wake up to a new day still in paradise…

The boat Empire
Empire, is a Bavaria 42AC built in 1999, 42 feet long - Empire the ship>>>
She has 4 cabins and could accomodate 8 persons - 3 doble cabins (2 cabins aft and one in the v-berth) in addition to a bunk bed mid ship. With two small children on board and equipped for almost every situation we use some bunks for storage. We can sail comfortably with two adult guests onboard - though demanding everyone to be structured and tidy. There is one toilet/bathroom, the other toilet is used for storage (and can not be used as a toilet).
Empire is not a luxury yacht, but she is well equipped, also for sailing in colder parts of the world.
You can retire in your cabin or take part in the community in the saloon, or even more enjoyable in the cockpit where we spend most of the time. Empire has a roomy galley inviting to easy or advanced cooking. We also like to cook good food when underway.

A boat and the life of sailing is expensive. We have spent many years and worked hard to be able to live this way – actually all our time and all our money. We would like to share our lifestyle with other adventurous and even minded – we do our best to keep the expenses down which also allows for you to join for a reassonable price.
You have to find your way to the port where you are going to sign onboard – where you will find Empire moored or anchored or in a berth – unless the weather has decided otherwise. Remember that whatever is planned beforehand or underway – in the end the weather decides where the Captain takes Empire.
And last but not the least – the expenses covers what is invaluable – the experience of sailing among the world`s most beautiful islands only accessible with a private yacht.
You can use our equipment as spear gun, kayak, rubber dinghy and outboard motor, body board, giatr and didgeridoo etc.
Eivind previously worked as a sailing instructor for Lunde Båt Skole and we have both wide experience from captaining/crewing charter yachts in the Oslofjord, Vestlandet and Skagerak. Eivind is an experienced scuba instructor. We have a diving compressor and tanks on board.
We also carry several books in Norwegian and English and several videos and lot of music.

Woud you like to crew with us, on a shorter or longer leg?
For more information or questions, send an email to
empire (at)
We do not always have access to internet, but we will give you an answer as soon as we can.