CREW 2008
Bjørnar Bakken - 29. October - 11. November 2008

I signed on in Scarborough. Then I beat the Captain playing squash. For 6 days we were cowboys on Madeleine's and Bror's ranch in Cawongla, gatherings cows from the hmhmback. Sailing radio-controlled boat and sauna was also a part of the cowboy life. For me the sailing with Empire stranded in Jacobs Well, since we had to wait for less wind and higher tide. Thank you for having me - once again. This was my visit onboard. Se you soon.
Mother Irene - 6. September - 2. October 2008

It has been a fabulous month. It is a long time since last time I was out sailing. Had to learn how to get my sea legs working again. We sailed to Ile des Pins, Ouvea and Vanuatu. My first night sail ever – and in pretty strong winds. Port Vila is a charming place with warm and smiling people.
It is fantastic to be sailing in the Pacific Ocean. It is so enormous to be here, that I can´t find the right words. It has been very pleasant to be together with you for a so long time – and in such a special way as sailing in the Pacific Ocean. I am looking forward to my next visit.

Bjørnar Bakken - 29. August - 16. September 2008

This is the time I have experienced unbelievable days onboard the Ship Empire. The Captain and I had a week of boys touring before Heidi and Irene signed on. Day-sailing in Noumea waters, mountain walk, old ship wreck, paddling competition, bathing, cold beer and a lot of good food.
With “double crew” we sailed to Ile des Pins in beautiful sunshine. On our way back to Noumea we had to dress in the heavy weather gear. 180nm without crab-feeding… - maybe I will be back onboard again pretty soon!

Marte, Martin, Mona & Odd - 26. June to 10. July

Two and a half year ago we crossed the Atlantic together, finally we meet again. This the hole family is sailing with me. We have had wonderful days together, plenty of new experiences. Thank you for your hospitality - we will be back - Odd

Vi have had a great time together. Exiting to sail on a big ocean, no I can call my self a deep water sailor! Interesting to see a different part of the world which normally is difficult to get to without a sailboat. - Mona

Thank you Heidi & Eivind
I have vomited 25 times... - Marte 10 years

Cool to get a big dorado on the hook, I have never been so long away from home before - Martin, 7 when I came onboard, no 8 years old

Nathaniell Merrill - 3. May - 17. June2008

I came to new Zealand from Seattle, with the plan of joining Bahati for a few legs of their journey. When Captain Biscuits had to rush home for a family emergency, Eivind & Heidi were kind enough to invite me aboard Empire (at the last minute!) for their passage to Fiji & Vanuatu. I'm looking forward to some nice diving/snorkeling around the beautiful south Pacific Islands.

Sandra Bisset & Wally Mallett - 3. May - 7. June 2008

So we were asked by these kind and generous Norwegians if we would like to sail to Fiji, but could we decide in twenty minutes, Please!

So well ...OK!!
We can go, why not!

These Norwegians like their wind strong greater than 40-50 knots and the seas greater than 15 feet. What a sleighride!
Flexible sailors from the U.S. Sandra & Walley live in New Caste New Hampshire and sail the coast of Maine in the summer and ski the mountains in the winter.