MARIUS' and EIRIK'S WORLD - some highlights - you will find more under LETTERS and PICTURES
New York, USA - 20. May 2012 - Pos 40°47N 73°59W - sailed dist.from Oslo 58903 nm
Eirik and Marius in New York!
A visit to "Ground Zero" gives time for reflection! A beautiful monument in memory of those who lost their lives 11th September 2001.

We met Nat, captain on American s/y Bahati, first time in Galapagos in 2007. He drove from Maine to visit us on the Norwegian National Day!

Air, sea and space museum aboard aircraft carrier USS Trepid in New York Harbor. Marius is very into planes these days and had a lot to learn – the rest of us, too!

Martinique - 14. March 2012 - Pos 14°28N 60°53W - sailed dist.from Oslo 56971 nm
DAY 13 - During the voyage from Ascension to Martinique
5. March kl 0300 (UTC-3) Pos 054N 4225W, course 295, speed 6,5 knots, wind NE 15 knots
sailed dist. from Ascension 1633 - dist. to Martinique 1376.
Sunday 4. March at 0411 (local time) we crossed equator near 40°30"W – that was the 4th crossing since departure from Bestumkilen, Oslo, Norway in 2005. Later the same day we also celebrated Eirik`s 3 years birthday, Marius` 1 year Christening day and 1. Mate`s and Captain`s 1 year wedding day! The events was celebrated with cake – and ”fireworks” in the evening.
The wind eased a bit toward Saturday, but the current continued giving us a good push. Saturday afternoon we arrived in the “Doldrums”, which after all is not that calm but full of windshifts and gusts. – but it would not bite. The Captain was neither quick enough with his spear gun. Another fish ran off with half the hook – we are dreaming about the stainless steel Mustad fishing hooks that we have run out of!!
Saint Pierre, Reunion-22.Oct.2011-Pos21°20S 55°28E-sailed dist.from Oslo 49310nm

21. October - Marius one
year in the ship!


Again we have celebrated a birthday on board Empire. Marius has during his first year experienced a lot that “shore children” never do.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marius!!!
Time flies also in Reunion. Without doing too much suddenly a week had passed. At Marius` birthday we started what will be three days with car sightseeing around the island – and the scenery IS incredible.
The whole island is one big volcano. The last eruption was in 2010, and the biggest eruption for a very long time happened in 2007. Despite this it seems like people are pretty relaxed to what could happen if the volcano really “takes of” again… The car trip Friday took us across lava fields from the eruption in 2010. When it is raining steam still raises from the ground.
The only ”safe” route for yachts on a long voyage is – because of the still spreading pirates from the Somali coast – to sail south of Madagascar. Both harbors in Reunion are full of yachts heading toward South Africa.

With help from his big brother Marius managed to blow out the light on the birthday cake.

To see more of the scenery we have to start early. The fog is coming in already around 1100.

On top of a little volcanic peak inside the crater is a little town. The view is magnificent with the crater edge almost 360 degrees around...

Yamba, NSW, Australia - 4.March 2011-Pos 29°26S 153°20E-sailed from Oslo 42990nm


With the priest and many guests on deck we threw off. Shortly after, anchored in Clarence River everything was set for a big day - and that is what it turned out to be!
Stella and Marius was Christened in saltwater from the Pacific Ocean with the priest Lena from the Norwegian Church Abroad on deck.
After the Christenings the priest continued with the next ceremony - and suddenly there was a bride was on deck, looking very beautiful. Heidi`s name is not longer only Heidi Våge, but Heidi Våge Bogerud... Only the best men knew what was going to happen before the cermony startet.
After the little voyage on the river the celebration continued ashore until the small hours, just as "last time" (Eirik was Christened with a similar ceremony the same place two years ago).
Thank you very much to all the guests for joining us in the celebration of the Christenings, Eirik`s 2 years birthday and the wedding - and making it to a beautiful and memorable day.


Empire anchored in Clarence
River Friday 4. March 2011.
The Norwegian family de Billot are currently living in Yamba. The daughter Stella was aso Christened during the ceremony 4. March, The Godfather Kalle had the honorable mission to hold Marius during the Christening. Surprised family members after the wedding ceremony.
Cawongla, NSW, Australia - 6. Nov 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm


It took some time before Marius finally was ready to meet the big world outside the hospital. His billirubin (jaundice) levels went up and down a couple of times before they stayed under the magical limit.  After 11 days in Grafton Base Hospital Marius finally got to see his ship – but only for a short moment.  Soon after arriving at Empire we were off in the car heading for Madeleine and Bror at the Beaver Creek farm in Cawongla.
Together with neighbors we knew from our last visit in Australia Marius was celebrated with Bundaberg Rum and cigars in the sauna last Thursday. At the same time we toasted for Heidi and her Birthday.
Marius seems to enjoy his world and has already been chasing cows at the farm...
We tried to get up to date with travel letters and pictures before Marius birth, but he came a bit early. More will come in near future.

Latest news from Daily Examiner>>>

Eirik (1½ year) on his first ride. He
loved being cowboy on Clyde's

Marius - 2 weeks old. Proud parents enjoying Marius. Most of Marius' days and nights consists of eating and sleeping. The Captain mustering 70 cows and 70 calves. The motions on the hmhm-back is not far from being at sea...
Grafton, NSW, Australia - 22. Oct 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

One thing is to be woken up with the words ”we are leaking” when you live in a house on land. The Captain hoped that it was not the yacht that was leaking, when he was woken up at 0200 the night to 21. October with those words...
Our new sailor weighed 3135 grams, was 50 centimeter long and cried when he was born. Marius was born three weeks before his due date. All is well with the mother and the little one  -  and with Eirik and the father.
Eirik (1¾ year) was delivered to ”our yacht neighbours” from last year, Tanya, Steve and Gingerlilly (2 years) now living just outside Yamba, before we drove to the neighbour city and Grafton Base Hospital. Eirik and Gingerlilly are best friends, and Eirik hardly had time to miss his parents.
As when Eirik was born at the same place in 2009, we also this time had a fantastic team around us at the GBH Maternity Unit. We have experienced the same excellent service from the same caring people. It was actually the same midwife doing the delivery with both Marius and Eirik. Thank you very much for being the wonderful and professional people you are at Grafton Base Hospital Maternity Unit!

Welcome aboard, Marius!!

Empire news from Yamba local newspaper>>>
Marius was born the 21.
October 1735 local time

Finally out of the squeeze, it was to relax both for Marius and Dad... Eirik's first meeting with Empire's newest  sailor - a splash with apple juice was Eirik's greeting. 1 day old and time for the first bath. Sally has been in the business for many year and is a good teacher!
Nai Harn , Phuket - 4. March 2010 - Pos 7°46 N 98°18 E - sailed from Oslo 36984nm


One year has passed since we became THREE crew members onboard Empire. Time flies by also for us on a long sailing voyage, that is for sure!!!
Eirik saw the world for the first time 4th March 2009 kl 1420 NSW-time (East Australia/UTC+9) - in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.
Eirik’s first birthday is celebrated with Empire anchored in the bay Nai Harn southwest on Phuket. We are ready to hoist the sails and go west, but first we want Eirik to be ready. He has a runny nose and a serious diarrhoea…


Eirik Våge Bogerud
- able seaman.
12 months.
7 months.
2 months.
1 month.
5 months.
8 months.
9 months.
Yamba - 20. March 2009 - Pos 33°50 S 150°40 E - sailed dist. from Oslo 31596nm


When Heidi “got out” from Grafton Base Hospital, we headed directly for Cawongla and Madeleine and Bror. Our common sailor-friend Lennart was waiting there.
It was when we sailed in the surroundings of the southern tip of South America more than two years ago, that we met both Bror and Lennart. Bror was crewing onboard Swedish Sawubona and Lennart was singlehanded Captain on his own ship, Cabo de Hornos. Last time we met Lennart was when he visited us in Antofagasta, Chile.
Sailors on a long voyage often grow tense relationships all around the world. Good friendships form, but often our courses split after short time – and you never know if or when you will meet again. That is why meeting good friends again is "extra very much" appreciated. We had great days together in Cawongla – four Cape Horners gathered.
Finally Eirik got to see his yacht - Empire. He was carried onboard Monday the of March – and it seems as he is enjoying the Ship.
There is no doubt that we are having exiting times ahead of us…

Eirik Våge Bogerud has signed

>>> See what the local
newspaper writes...
Cognac and cigar according tradition with a baby-boy (the alternative was cognac and donuts).
Heidi, Eivind and the
new sailor.
Three Captains, three Cape Horners - on rodeo-show in Kyogle. The Cape Horner still in hospital...
Yamba - 7. March 2009 - Pos 33°50 S 150°40 E - sailed dist. from Oslo 31596nm


Eirik announced his arrival the of March. After many hours with hard work, our new Sailor saw the daylight kl 1420 NSW-time.
The vital measurements are 3215gram and 51cm. Everything is very well with the mother, the little one and the father !!!
At the time Eirik warned about his arrival we were in Cawongla, at our friends Madeleine and Bror 's place. Originally the plan was to drive to Brisbane Airport early Wednesday morning to meet our common sailor-friend Lennart, from the Swedish yacht Cabo de Hornos . At 0200 we got in the car and headed for Grafton Base Hospital , a 2 hour drive away. Madeleine and Bror had to meet Lennart on their own.
The TEAM at the Maternity Unit is fantastic. It is incredible to experience professional and brilliant people like this. They are not only working there, they are TAKING CARE OF and CARING FOR !

Thank you very much to you all at GBH Maternity Unit !

3 days...