HALLO EVERYBODY                                           October 2005

I am on a sailtour with Heidi and Dad. Yesterday we arrived Tenerife outside Africa. Before that we have been many places in Europe.

Mam and Bjørnar escorted me to the sailboat in Vigo in Spain. Bjørnar was with us on the sailboat for many days.

The first time I fell in the water were from the pontoons in Bayona in Spain. The second time I fell in the water were from the rubber dingy outside  Cascais in Portugal. Next time I fell in the water I have fallen in the water three times. It is a bit scary to fall in the water, but I always wear the lifejacket. I blow in the whistle when I fall in the water, then Dad come to pick me up.










Ono ur way to Porto Santo we caught some fish. It is a picture of me at Empire’s web pages.. The name of Heidi’s and Dad’s boat is Empire.

I have met Vanvara with Anne and Jørgen and I have met Snorre with Helge and Maggen, but they have sailed away to other islands now. Maybe I will meet them before I am going back home.



The nicest beach is the sandy beach at Porto Santo. I can almoast swin, and I have been surfing on a bodyboard. That was fun. The waves are a bit scary in the middle, but close to the beach they are not so scary and further out where I can’t stand, they are not so scary either.

I row the dingy on my own, but I can’t get far away. The dingy is tied up to the bigboat with a rope.

Dad gets angry when I untie the ropes to the boat…. Yesterday I tried to untie the neighbour-boat from the pontoons. Dad got a bit angry at met hen. I have promised not to touch the ropes again without asking first. But I now have my own rope. That rope I can touch when I want. I have learned to make some knot son the rope.

In Lisboa we visited the Zoo. We saw tigres, lions, monkies and girafs and many other animals. We also watched a dolphinshowDOLPHINS ARE BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS. The sealions kissed many of the people at the show, but not me.


Some times we have been sailing many nights. When the waves have been big I have been a litle seasick., but not now anymore. One night the wind was blowing very hard, and I had to sleep on the floor in the saloon, because there the ship do not move so much.

Ono ur way to Tenerife, Dad and I caught 2 Tuna. I also know the names of Napoleonfish, Parrotfish and many others from my fish book. Tuna tasted a bit rare, butt hat was because it was night when we eat dinner.

Soon we are sailing to Puerto de Mogan, on another Canary islanden. Vigdis and Tore (Heidi’s mum and dad) and Grandma and Grandpa and many others will visit us there. Maybe Anne and Jørgen and Helge and Maggen will be there too.

And I am going to fly home with Vigdis and Tore and Grandma and Grandpa.

Heidi & Dad is going to sail to America, but I am not going with them. If Mum allows me and if the Kindergarten let’s me, I will visit Heidi and Dad in America also.







Some boats throw their anchor, but right now we have not thrown ours. We are lying to a pontoon. Right now I am going ashore, and tomorrow we are sailing to Puerto de Mogan. I almost know the names of all the places we have visited. Vigo, Bayona, Castello, Nazaré, Cascais, Puerto Santo, Madeira and Tenerife and some more.

At Madeira we rode a sleigh on asfalt. That was fun and was a bit like scary.

In the boat I have my own room, and I have my own stove compartment for my toys. Many old ladies have been afraid, when they have seen me climbing from the boat to the pontoons or back – but I am rather good at it.

I am having a great time. I will soon come home.



(Heidi & Dad)