LETTER from Heidi & Eivind _______The North Sea, Inverness, Caledonian

Empire has sailed across the North Sea , from Stavanger to Inverness , Scotland. Most of the time we had a grown up gale, right in the nose. We are happy that we do not get seasick.
The Scottish people are really nice and helpful. – an old sailor told us the secrets of how to sail and behave in the channel. He also told us some secrets of the west coast. We better “keep the thong in the middle of the mouth”, as we say in Norwegian. People form the southern part of Norway likem us, are not used to tides and current like what we will meet here.
We are now in Oban, at the west coast of Scotland . The weather is cold, like a summer in northern Norway . The nature is superb, and we only meet nice people. We are now getting the feeling of being on tour.
The Caledonian Canal was great. We are not used to sail in fresh water, with sheep eating gras on one side of the boat, and cars driving on the other side. Today we are going to visit the Oban Distillery, producer of good whiskey – we have to be a bit cultural, of course.
Oban Yacht has washing machines, and the pile of dirty clothes has been growing. The Captain is of course of the opinion that it is the Mate's work do the laundry job. It says so in “The Captains book”. It was also in “The Captains book” that Heidi should take the flag down by sunset or latest at nine o'clock, if we were at anchor or to a dock. She was so bad at remembering that, so the Captain now do this him selves.

The Scottish flag of honour on its way up before entering Inverness. Listening to advise from an old sailor onboard his ship "S/Y Tieste" in Longman Yacht Haven, Inverness. We are trying to get used to the ship "ashore" on the screen...
On our way west/down in one of the locks of totally 8 in "Neptune's Staircase", Banavie Locks. Hard work.... The dirt on the ships side, after passing several locks, have to be washed of.
"Laggan Avenue", between Loch Oich and Ceann Loch. Well tied up after a days work, here from the upper part before Banavie Locks. It is nice and warm summer in the Scottish Highlands. Sailing at Loch Ness ....
Good wind and lazy sailing at Loch Lochy. The upper lock in Banavie Locks. The "sea" and Loch Linnie in the horizon. The view east/down the five locks of Muirtown Locks. Inverness og Kessock Bridge in the Background.