Letters from Heidi & Eivind

CUT FROM THE LOGBOOK :In the long line of "last" things to do before we sail away on our long tour, we participated in the last "Hovdan Skagen Race" for a long time. "I don't know if it will be the same without Captain Bogerud. I have to think well before getting engaged onboard another boat", one of the crew said.

We also found out that the ship has two engines, both making a lot of noise. One is of metall, and one is of flesh and blood, the last one is called Thomas.

It has been a cold regatta with moderate wind and waves. All equipment onboard has been functioning well. We did not have any accidents onboard, except for a shoulder on a parafin lamp, that was obviously in a wrong place.

The frame of the monitor windwane has differnt use Pirats trying to take Undarousa Give it all, for the good pictures
Thomas and Rannveig on deck One of the crew when the Captain does'nt see it Consentration
Odd Rannveig Camilla