Letters from Eivind & Heidi _______Limhamn, Sweden - Mou,Denmark

CUT FROM THE LOGBOOK :The first ones of friends and family arrived to the docks already before 1000, to wave us "have a good tour". Asbjørn Holko, one of Eivind's colleges, got onboard as 2. Mate. He was our first sailing guest on the journey. Everybody (almost everybody) was there, and some eyes were wet. It was fun that so many people wanted to say ”have a good tour” and wish us good luck. The dockside was full of friends and family when we took the ropes. S/Y Vittoria, with Heidi's mother and father and brother onboard, fired the cannon and escorted Empire south The Bestumkilen. Other friends met us in their boats, as we were motorsailing south The Oslofjord. A bit south of Steilene Eivind's brother Morten, and his Ann Kristin and some other friends, showed up. Submarine Captain Mats passed and honoured with the Flag north of Oscarsborg, and Empire did the same.. We got a sextant onboard from Are (a college of Eivind ) and Are's son, when we passed Kaholmen. Trond and his family met us by Husvikholmen. We got a champagne and a biteingring (for babies)..??? onboard. Maybe they expect the crew to be more than two in a while… ?
As we were sailing south the outer part of The Oslofjord, we got it a bit more in over us – we are on our way! The journey to Malmø, or more correct Limhamn takes two and a half day. We were motorsailing most of the way, as a gale force wind from south and the current from the same direction slows us.

Heidi and the Captein are sewing and bending steel pipes and mounting sprayhoods and cockpit-tents for Rolf's (Kapell & Annat's) Swedish customers, and Rolf makes the drawing for Empire's new sprayhood and bimini. We are very thankful to Rolf for his hospitality, and we do hope he is satisfied with what we gave back.

On our way north through The Sound, K/S Norge (the Norwegian Kings ship) passed us on its way north.. The kings sailboat S/Y Fram was towed behind. We honoured with the flag, as is the common way to say hello when ships meet, but there was no response from K/S Norge. Someone onboard K/S Norge should probably been tould some words.

After arriving in Mou , Denmark, our 2. Mate Asbjørn goes ashore. He was very pleased with the one week long journey, and wished us good luck further on.
Heidi and the Captain has work to do. We are assembling rigs and mounting different kinds of equipment, like sprayhoods, cockpit-tents, and other things, in new Bavarias that Lunde Båt is to deliver to the customers pretty soon. This is our last stop before we sail our way for “new” seas.
We also get the time to do other work, than in other peoples new boats or in our own boat. Before we left Oslo Heidi got her own kayak. .Just east of The Limfjord she gets the opportunity to get to know the kayak better, and how to be the captain onboard her own “ship”. Eivind gave Heidi 5 minutes to her first upside down… But Heidi was steady in the kayak, and Eivind had to give her a hand to get her upside down… The Eskimo way to turn back to “the right side up”, and other methods of turning the kayak back to upright position will be on the training schedule from now…
The stitches after the “spots” we got removed by doctor Otto before we left Oslo , is now taken out. No white faces this time, and we look at our selves as better train for this type of action from now…

Soon we have been on our way for two weeks. We really appreciate the visit from friends when we have been working in Denmark. Empire had no problems taking care of the family of 4 Skriden. Eva Cecilie also visited us a couple of days, and of course she got the chance to give us a hand with assembling several new rigs…

K/S Norge with S/Y Fram Rolf messuring for the new sprayhood Rolf - Kapell & Annat
Heidi by the sewing machine The Captain bending steel pipes in Kapell & Annat's workshop
- now she is getting better.. . Taking out the stiches after the removed "spots"