Hallo, I am sailing again !


I embarked Empire at Store Bay, Tobago, together with Bjørnar. We took mums car to the airport Gardermoen. From there Bjørnar and I flew to London. We flew from London to Tobago the day after. I met three other children at the airplane, and we almost played the whole way. Bjørnar told me it would be smart to take a little nap. I tried, but after 10 seconds the children and I were playing again. I couldn’t sleep. This was in the end of February.

Heidi and Daddy met us at the airport in Tobago, before we walked to the boat. I guess I were a bit exited, but I had no problems falling asleep that evening.

Soon we were going to sail to Trinidad. Because of that Heidi and Bjørnar and Daddy had to go to Scarborough to check Bjørnar and me onboard Empire, and to check Empire out of Tobago. I did not have to go with them. Lucky me could play with Maggen and Helge onboard “Snorrebåten” the hole day. They were heading north later that day. It was a bit strange to se Heidi and Daddy a bit sad that evening, as Snore sailed away in the dark.

The next evening we set of for Trinidad. There I met  Anne and Jørgen and ”Vanvara” again. I also met Anders and Elisabeth at ”Don’t Worrry”. They are also very kind people.

Together with Vanvara and Don’t Worry we participated in the Trinidad Carnival. It was fun and lot of people and lot of noise and many beautiful costumes and several late evenings. Sometimes I fell asleep before we got back to the boat. Heidi and Daddy always remembered to bring me back to Empire even though I fell asleep on a bench.
Later we sailed to Venezuela. Heidi and Daddy were talking about some danger for pirates, but we never met any. I thought I was going to met Captain “Sabeltann”…



Daddy and I did some bathing in the waves at the beach outside the Sand dunes at Los Testigos. That looked a bit like scary. I learned to be aware of the Manchaneel Tree. It has green leafs and small green fruits, looking a bit alike apples. But the three, the leaves and the fruits are all poisonous. It is dangerous touching the leaves. It is even dangerous to stand under three when it is raining.
We had a barbeque at the beach. Actually we had a fishing competition with Vanvara, as we were sailing for Los Testigos. Vanvara won. (I do believe Heidi and Daddy forgot to do some fishing on our sailing there…) I also bathed in the water at the beach just inside where the boat was anchored. The sun was shining all the time.

Then we were sailing a hole day before we came to Margarita. Or Isla Margarita, as Heidi and Daddy says. Here I met Juan. He has a lot of beard, but was a cool gay. I got a necklace from the jewelry salesman, that also had become my firend.  It is easy to become friend with all the grown ups.
We also went on a raide in an old red car. It was almost a Landrover, but it was not. The guide Zacharias and I became best friends. We drove around the island the hole day, and Zacharias showed me many nice things of the island. At the naval museum I saw many fishes. I almost made a handshake with a little crocodile. Zacharias and I made jokes the hole day.


Heidi and Daddy had to take the boat on to the hard at Power Boats, Chaguaramas. So we sailed back there. Empire was hauled onshore, and Heidi and Daddy had to work all day. I met many nice people there. The guard at the gate was a nice fellow. Everybody working at Power Boats was nice people. One day I got to drive the big tractor with a boat on a hanger. Another day I drove a small tractor with boatparts on the small hanger. One day one of the employees thought I had gotten lost, and he drove me back to the Empire with his tractor. Actually I was just going to visit Joshua, but he was not at home. Joshua lives at Power Boats. He comes from South Africa. His dad is building a new big catamaran to the family at Power Boats. Joshua and I played a lot when Empire was on the hard.
When Empire was launced back in the sea, Joshua and I were watching that everything was done correctly. And it all went well.
I celebrated my 4 birthday the 23. Mars onboard Empire as we were moored at Power Boats. I got some tools as presents for my birthday. Finally I have some tools, so I can help my Daddy with fixing things. I also got a mail from Skautrollet (my kindergarten). And we had some cake together with Eli and Rolf onboard “Sterna” later that evening.

Sterna was moored at Crews Inn. They had a swimming pool there. When we were visiting Sterna, we could also go bathing. I have become rather good in the water. I can dive to the bottom and pick things up. I can almost swim, but I am sinking a bit to fast to the bottom. And if I do that, Daddy has to buy a new Peder, and that would be a bit stupid.

Vigdis and Tore ( Heidi’s mum and dad ) came to visit us. I had been looking forward to their visit. We were sailing together for 2 weeks. By the way, I can almost do the counting from one to ten correct every time, now. I almost know all the naval flags, also. We sailed to Grenada, and back to Chaguaramas. And we sailed to Tobago, and back to Chaguaramas. Then Vigdis and Tore flew back home. And Daddy got a package from Canada.

Then we sailed to Tobago again. Tobago is best. When we are bathing, I am jumping from the side of the boat. I am veeery good at it. One evening we went to a concert. In Plymouth. When Sting was playing, I had already fallen asleep.

Bago’s Bar is lying at the beach, just were Empire are at anchor. Shirley and Bob and Anthony working there, are nice people. If I get tired when we are there, I just fall asleep in a sofa. Heidi and Daddy have not left me in the sofa at Bago’s, yet.
We had a lot of friends visiting us, when we were at Tobago. Anne and Hans Petter and Herman (1½) and Tai and Thorbjørn and Elias (soon 1). It was fun being a ”big brother”. We played a lot, especially Herman and I.

Bjørnar also visited Empire again, together with all the others. When he came, I knew I was soon flying back to mummy and the kindergarden. We also went for a tour in the rainforest. I saw many birds. I asked the guide in English “where are the elephants?”. He only laughed, and told me I was in the wrong part of the world. We did not see any monkeys either.
Bjørnar and I are soon flying home. I will probably be tired on the tour. But I am looking forward to it. I do believe mummy is going to be very happy when I come home.


I have also seen Flipper’s (dolphins) when we have been out sailing. I have seen a very big giant leatherback turtle, and I have thrown the head of a big Wahoo in the water. Duing the Gamefish competition at Store Bay, Tobagao, I saw a Blue Marlin at 630 pounds. That was a BIG one.



Soon I have been on the boat for 9 weeks. Next time I come, I think I am swimming without sinking. Thursday (27.04.2006) Bjørnar and I are flying to Norway. I almost know all the days in the week in the correct order now. Next time I get onboard I will know the whole week in correct order.