REISEBREV fra Eivind & Heidi _______Buenos Aires & Colonia (okt .2006)
Coffe brake Rio de la Plata
Post card to my grandmother
Bocca in Buenos Aires
Bocca in Buenos Aires
Puerto Madero
Boat with its own garden..
Hearts in BA
Puerto Madero in BA
Heidi is making an extra lee to the sprayhood
We did not have the flag of Uruguay - then we made one
Time for Tango in Bocca


Lots of people talked about Ilha Grande and the islands nearby while we were in Brazil . That area is supposed to be on of the better cruising areas. We had a plan to sail there after Rio was done, but it did not turn out that way.
Niteroi , ”the forgotten city” east of Rio, was our next stop in Brazil . Clube Naval Charitas in Niteroi is a good marina with lots of nice members. We got to know Lennart Edgren from Sweden in the boat ”Cabo de Hornos”. He was earlier captain on big commercial ships worldwide. Now he is enjoying life on a smaller sailyacht. Lennart is also on his was south. The name of the boat tells some about his plans. So far Lennart like to say that he has: ” ligget bi from the Canary Island to Brazil and then why can't I do that to Cape Horn as well?”
It was a late, foggy and rainy day when we left Buenos Aires and Argentina . We had to find our sail gear and boots. The weather forecast looked good and we had great winds for the next days. The night temperature dropped several degrease but the day was still warm. When we sailed up Rio de la Plata the water temp was down 10º to 14º.
We had a great sail, except from 150 liters of freshwater under the floorboarsd during the night. Because of a week point on the warm water hose. We did not use much time to fix the leek compared to the amount of time we used to clean up the water. Why does this always happen at night?
When we were about to set the 3.reef we saw that the sail where damaged and had to take it down. The trysail finally came to use. Earlier we have only tested it while we have been in the marina. It was a relief to see how good the boat sailed with so little sail.
It is not only the fish in the sea who makes us happy during a voyage. When the dolphins are joining us it is impossible to smile. While we were standing in the bow watching the seas on night, it was like sailing on a carpet of dolphins. Everywhere we looked there where dolphins shooting through the water like self-illuminating torpedoes. The morild was so powerful that we had to wear sunglasses…
After 8 nights and 1115nm we reached BA and Argentina . Yacht Club Puerto Madero looked a bit like Aker Brygge in Oslo . The old port warehouses has been refurbished the last years. Now fancy restaurants and international companies are fighting about the square meters which a few years ago was abandoned.
In BA Heidi´s parents and Bjørnar came to visit. Most of the time we have been preparing the boat for southern waters. Good tips from boat neighbors makes everything easier. It is the first time that the “to do list” has shrinked that fast. A few extra hands is always good. Both Tore, Vigdis and Bjørnar has contributed during their visit.
While Tore & Vigdis visited us we sailed Empire across the river to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay . We sailed slalom between the buoys and we had 4 to 5 m under the keel. Colonia del Sacramento is on the Unesco Heritage List and is a huge contrast to Buenos Aires . Here the cars are stopping for pedestrians. And the birds does not have any problems to sing louder than the traffic. We had some cold but very nice days in Colonia before we went back to BA – more work onboard and some trips nearby.
Train and bus in BA is fun. It is possible to buy all the thing you did not know that you wanted or needed – or just have forgot that you might would need. It makes the journey a memorable trip.
30 km outside BA is Tigre the gate to the waterways in the Delta area. So many as 80 000 porteños are traveling to this place every weekend. The smell of barbeque is tight throughout the area. In the brown river the boats are fighting for the river among bathing and rowers.
The time in BA went fast – preparing of the boat for southern seas, visits, beef, tango, gauchos and a short visit to Uruguay . Unfortunately Bjørnar did not have the time to sail with us to Mar del Plata because we had to wait for the right weather for a few days.
After 300nm, 2 days of sail, 3 fishes on the hook and an invasion of flees we came to Mar del Plata . The days are getting longer and longer. Already at 5 in the morning the sky gets brighter. In the evening the sun leaves us around eight. More daylight, less time in bed and more time for other stuff.
Budda, Mackan & Anders has signed in and the boat is heavy in the water with food for a month + and several diesel cans under the saloon table. We look at the weather forecasts every day and the last week has been great in the southern Atlantic . We are ready to set sail for South Georgia, 1300nm south east from Mar del Plata . Now we are getting to the scary seas…


All of us were working to get Empire redy for the southern oceans
Rio de la Plata Vigdis & Tore Eivind is inside the light house at Colonia
Buenos Aires traffic Puerto Madero By Night Buss in BA
Uruguay & Colonia del Sacramento was an eldorado for people into cars

Handmade leatherjacket

Boat trip in Tigre The famous rowing club
Is it going down or ...? The river in the Tigre delta

..a normal sunday in the park..