Peder (7) travelled to Australia together with Eirik’s granddad and two grandmothers to meet his little brother Eirik. Peder had to write a diary from the tour, that he had to present for his classmates when he came back to Norway:

Day 1. When we left Brisbane airport in the car, the engine broke down. Many people helped us, and at last we got the help we needed. Finally the engine started again. Saturday I followed the small rope to the end, where I found a present for me. Saturday evening I slept in my own cabin.

If you don’t know what a cabin is, it is a small room with a bed – in a boat.

Day 3. Sunday I were fishing together with some Australian boys. I also burned myself on a jellyfish.
It burned and it did hurt.


Day 4. Monday morning I wanted to play “The Australian animal farm” on the computer, and I was allowed to do that. Heidi, dad and my little brother also visited the doctor on Monday. Me and the others went to the supermarket.

Day 5. Tuesday we drove to Casino – Casino is a city. In Casino I got one more present, and that was a cowboy hat. In the evening dad and I were looking at the ocean. It was huge waves. It had been a storm far away and the waves rolled all the way to Yamba.

Day 6. Wednesday I went swimming in huge waves. We also saw kangaroos. They can jump n9 meters. The kangaroos were wild and lived in the forest.


Day 7. Thursday it was raining the whole day. I learned to fly a radio controlled helicopter. That was really fun.

Day 8. Friday I met Zeth and Finn. Zeth is 9 years old. Finn is 4 years old. They live in a boat near Empire. Their boat is a catamaran and it is blue.


Day 11. We drove to Grafton with Bror’s car. We had a look at the hospital where Eirik was born. Eirik is my little brother. Then we drove to Bror’s place in Cawongla. Bror means brother in Norwegian, but it is a name. Bror is originally from Finland but he speaks Swedish and English. With me he spoke mostly Swedish – since Swedish is a bit like Norwegian we could talk a lot together.

Day 12. Tuesday at Bror’s place! Bror has 5 horses and a foul at the farm. He also has 160 cows, 8a calves, 4 bulls and two dogs at the farm. We also saw many Wallabies and Kangaroos. A Wallaby is almost the same as a kangaroo, but it doesn’t grow that big.

Day 13. Wednesday I was riding George. George is a horse. I also rode the motorbike together with Bror. I also sailed Bror’s radio controlled sailboat. In the afternoon I brushed the foul named Leo. Leo was only 2 1/2 months old.

Day 14. Thursday I rowed all alone in the big dam at the farm. Tore looked after me. Madeleine had many good books about animals in Australia. Madeleine is Bror’s wife.  I took a bath in the dam and I went in the sauna. That was very warm.


Day 15. Friday we drove from Madeleine and Bror to Seaworld. At Seaworld we visited the Sealion show, the Dolphin show and we saw stingrays. I drove a little boat inside the volcano and that was very cool. We also went to the cinema, and it looked like the things were coming out of the screen, so I tried to thouch them.


Day 16. Saturday was very wet. The others went to the supermarket.

Day 18. Easter Monday many guests arrived to Empire. A priest fromSydney came to baptise Eirik. The priest was Norwegian. The priest and I became friends. After the Chritening we gathered in the house on land where we ate fish soup.


Day 19. Tuesday Tore and I went to the beach where we bathed many times. I also surfed on the surfboard. I also bathed with Janne Eirik’s godmother, in the afternoon.


Day 20. Wednesday I spent the morning in the boat. In the afternoon I ate icecream.  We also bathed at the beach. I have learned how to surf.


Day 21. I slept in Empire the night to Thursday. Suddenly we had to hurry. Someone had forgotten that the plane was to take off that early. We packed our things very quickly drove to Brisbane airport 4 hours away. Luckily we got to the airport in time. 35 hour later I landed in Norway. It was very good to be visiting in Australia

Bye bye - Peder