Yamba, NSW, Australia - 20. Dec 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm


The big work in the fore cabin has now more or less come to an end. We are enjoying a not leaking and a little bit bigger water tank – which on the other hand demanded need for more storage. The Captain has for some time been thinking of rising the sole in the fore ship. With the need for more storage, now was the time to do something about it.
The Christmas tree is decorated. Red Christmas balls are hanging under deck and the fridge has a good selection of Norwegian Christmas food – from IKEA.
In the lack of snow we are making angels in the sand at Yamba`s beaches…

We wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas
- and a fantastic, interresting and exciting new year!

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It takes some time - for a Norwegian under the sun - to get in to Christmas mode...
Yamba, NSW, Australia - 26. Nov 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

Back on board in Yamba feeding Marius, playing with Eirik and maintaining the ship has been the prioritized tasks.
The Captain is more or less lying in the fore cabin where he is molding the new water tank. While the work is in progress the fore half of the ship is sealed off to keep the polyester smell away from the living area. All access to the fore cabin is through the deck hatch.
The working conditions in a boat have always been narrow. In a yacht full of stuff and people it is even worse. The working days do not become as efficient as the Captain had hoped for. Luckily it is only a few days left until the tank is ready – and the whole ship will be available.
Gingerlily and Eirik are best friends and they like huging Marius. Heidi leaves the ship – either to our friends Tanya, Steve and Gingerlily or to one of the playgroups nearby…
We have been in contact with the Norwegian Church Abroad (Sjømannskirken) in Sydney. There will be a christening ceremony on board for Marius the 4. March 2011!
Breathing air from the diving tanks
keeps the Captain out of trouble.

Two small ones and one adult ready for town... With his 12 kg Eirik is a giant - compared to Marius and
his 4 kg.
Gingerlily and Eirik enjoy each others company.
Cawongla, NSW, Australia - 6. Nov 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm


It took some time before Marius finally was ready to meet the big world outside the hospital. His billirubin (jaundice) levels went up and down a couple of times before they stayed under the magical limit.  After 11 days in Grafton Base Hospital Marius finally got to see his ship – but only for a short moment.  Soon after arriving at Empire we were off in the car heading for Madeleine and Bror at the Beaver Creek farm in Cawongla.
Together with neighbors we got to know during our first visit in Australia Marius was celebrated with Bundaberg Rum and cigars in the sauna last Thursday. At the same time we toasted for Heidi and her Birthday.
Marius seems to enjoy his world and has already been chasing cows at the farm...
We tried to get up to date with travel letters and pictures before Marius birth, but he came a bit early. More will come in near future.

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Eirik (1½ year) on his first ride. He
loved being cowboy on Clyde's

Marius - 2 weeks old. Proud parents enjoying Marius. Most of Marius' days and nights consists of eating and sleeping. The Captain mustering 70 cows and 70 calves. The motions on the hmhm-back is not far from being at sea...
Grafton, NSW, Australia - 22. Oct 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

One thing is to be woken up with the words ”we are leaking” when you live in a house on land. The Captain hoped that it was not the yacht that was leaking, when he was woken up at 0200 the night to 21. October with those words...
Our new sailor weighed 3135 grams, was 50 centimeter long and cried when he was born. Marius was born three weeks before his due date. All is well with the mother and the little one  -  and with Eirik and the father.
Eirik (1½ year) was delivered to ”our yacht neighbours” from last year, Tanya, Steve and Gingerlilly (2 years) now living just outside Yamba, before we drove to the neighbour city and Grafton Base Hospital. Eirik and Gingerlilly are best friends, and Eirik hardly had time to miss his parents.
As when Eirik was born at the same place in 2009, we also this time had a fantastic team around us at the GBH Maternity Unit. We have experienced the same excellent service from the same caring people. It was actually the same midwife doing the delivery with both Marius and Eirik. Thank you very much for being the wonderful and professional people you are at Grafton Base Hospital Maternity Unit!

Welcome aboard, Marius!!

Empire news from Yamba local newspaper>>>
Marius was born the 21.
October 1735 local time

Finally out of the squeeze, it was to relax both for Marius and Dad... Eirik's first meeting with Empire's newest  sailor - a splash with apple juice was Eirik's greeting. 1 day old and time for the first bath. Sally has been in the business for many year and is a good teacher!
Yamba, NSW, Australia - 10. Oct 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

The summer is getting closer, but sometimes we still have to light the stove. The summer temperatures have not reached the Australian east coast yet, except for very short periods. The last weeks almost stationary high pressure systems off the coast have given rain for many days in a row. The Bureau of Meteorology is besides forecasting that "La Ninja" will make the summer colder and more humid than usual.
A few days ago we were visited by a previous Norwegian long distance sailor. In 1985 Pierre crewed on board Saga Siglar, a copy of a Viking ship, across the Pacific Ocean. This time he and his family are considering to settle – in Yamba.
Pierre was not the only long distance sailor visiting this week. One morning the Australian yacht ”Six Pack” tied up in Yamba. Last we sailed in the same waters were in Patagonia – three years ago.
Heidi has strange dreams at night, which may mean that ”something” is soon to happen…

Empire news from Yamba local newspaper>>>
Soon Eirik is a well trained farm
worker - and his father is not
doing too bad on the horseback.
Eirik uses the opportunities to enjoy landlife's facilities.. "The waiting time" is used to small and not so small projects. Even the smallest work takes long time when living on board - even longer with a little one running around and another small one on its way.
Yamba, NSW - 21. Sep 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

We forgot to celebrate our ”5 years on tour” day 3 July earlier this year. Maybe our everyday is becoming to be on tour? We had a nice celebration a few days later – and promised ourselves to behave better in the future…
We again experience different days with the yacht moored in Yamba. Heidi is soon ready to deliver, Eirik is producing new words every day and the Captain is learning new details about farming when we visit Beaver Creek, Madeleine and Bror’s farm in Cawongla. We are excited to find out what life onboard will be like, with another young crew member. We will know more about that in about seven weeks time.
The time in Yamba is used maintaining the ship. The notes in the teak deck redone in Thailand is getting its finish these days.  Inside we are soon ready to make the new water tank in the fore cabin. At the same time we also go through the ships stoveaways, cleaning and tidying. It is incredible what gathers onboard after several years on tour.
For a little boy there are lots to
learn. Eirik still has a little
training to do before he can
handle this one...
Eivind would never let the chance of a race go by. Here joining in as crew on Port of Yamba Yacht Club's Saturday regatta. Eirik`s (first) girlfriend is celebrating her 2 year birthday in the park - with fingerfoods and good playmates. Eirik and Leo (left) are almost the same age. Leo was born a few weeks before Eirik - during our first Australia visit.
Cawongla, NSW - 7. Sep 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

The last couple of weeks we have spent more time on land than on board Empire. The ship is left alone in Yamba while the Captain's epoxy work sets. It is not the best indoor climate for a little sailor and a pregnant Mate while "project epoxy" is on.
We are lucky to be able to stay at Madeleine and Bror's farm in Cawongla. Eirik gets up happily every morning and wake us up with a loud MOOO! Followed by HORSE (hope he learns that the animal is called pony on board...) and EGG. Now he even knows where the eggs are coming from. No doubt that the days at the farm make big impressions.
Greatest attention is given to the farms tractor, the yellow bulldozer and the dog DOM DOM (Tom) - Eirik and Tom have become good friends.
The Mates belly is growing. That is also a place with lots of activity these days... Our next sailor is expected sometime during the second week of November.

Our wonderful Grandmother/Great Grandmother Gudrun passed away one week ago. It feels good that we got the chance to meet her short time ago - when Heidi and Eirik visited Norway. Great Grandmother (98) was healthy until the end - We will miss you!
Eirik - 18 months

Dad's little helper. Eirik is easy to ask when to bulls are to be fed...   Brum Brum Only one egg this time... Gingerlily, Eirik's best friend in Yamba, is soon 2 years old. Eirik has a ot to learn from her.
Cawongla, NSW - 18. Aug 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

After more than one month visiting Norway, the Sailor and the Mate is back onboard Empire. Heidi with a much bigger belly than when she left. It is still a couple of months until due-date. Eirik with his mind full of impressions after visiting friends and family in the country far north..
The last part of the visit to Norway was about preparations for and the wedding it self – Heidi’s brother Øyvind marrying Sadie. With family travelling from Spain, USA and North Norway, it was crowded around the dinner table at Heidi’s parent’s house also the week before the wedding.
In addition to spending a lot of time on the horseback in Australia, the Captain has spent some valuable time onboard Empire. Epoxy work onboard is almost finished and the project ”new water tank in the forward cabin” is in progress. After more than five years on a looong voyage, it feels good also getting some of the “heavy” maintenance done.
To save some money we hoped to find a pier for Empire in Clarence River, but so far no luck. Empire is still berthed in Yamba Marina.
Eirik was not frightened by the
Norwegian bathing temperatures
when he took a swim near
Hvasser in the Oslofjord.
Heidi’s brother Øyvind married Sadie – big celebration at ”Studenterhytta” in the forest north of Oslo.   Eirik and Great Grandmother Gudrun became good friends during the visit in North Norway. Eirik is Gudrun's great grand child number 32. Soon back onboard Empire again igjen... Back in Australia - at Swedish Madeleine's and Finish Bror's farm. Eivind took some "chances" when the farmer was out travelling...
Cawongla, NSW - 22. July 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

Heidi and Eirik are safely back in Norway after a long flight. Their clock is set for daylight saving and long bright afternoons. First 6 days in Oslo, for Eirik filled with new experiences and new friends. Then to Vesterålen and North Norway.
Up north the Norwegian summer has contained everything but snow. First time Eirik visited Vesterålen he was in his mother's belly, when she told Great-grandmother that another great-grandchild was on its way. This time Eirik met Great-grandmother Gudrun face to face. Eirik was quick to climp up on the 98 year young Gudrun's lap.
This is Eirik's first real visit to Norway.
Despite the cold climate it seems as Eirik like it also in his "home" country. Eirik is charming everyone he meets and is willingly giving away hugs to his new mates.
The Captain is enjoying Australia - with boat maintenance and cowboy'ing.
Even though Empire will be tied up in her berth for most of the time as we are waiting for the new arrival, we will update the web pages regularly. Happy summer - in Norway. Happy winter - in Australia.

Eirik high above Norwegian soil.


New experiences-
Norwegian grey fish caught
in cold water.

Nothing beats the midnight sun at Stø, Vesterålen, Norway.

For the Captain in Australia, first day on the "pony"-back gave him a soar butt...
Cawongla, NSW - 9. July 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

With Empire safely tied up almost in the same berth as last time, we have met good friends again - both in Yamba and in Cawongla. It is really fun to be back.
The connection with Grafton Base Hospital, the hospital where Eirik was born, is established. All the people working there are looking forward to the new sailor's arrival. So do we, even though it will not be before October/November - if everything stick to the plan.
Eirik has met Ginger Lily again. She is a few months older than Eirik. Last time she was our boat neighbour. This time she is living on land - something Eirik doesn't really understand...
Bror, whom we originally met when both he and we sailed around Cape Horn, picked us up in Yamba few days after our arrival. We have visited his farm in Cawongla. We have even joined the Thursday sauna - but there was no sailing due to lack of wind.
Heidi and Eirik have flown to Norway. Grandmother/Great-grandmother and many more can expect a visit. The Captain takes meanwhile care of the ship and Australia on his own.
Even though Empire will be tied up in her berth for most of the time as we are waiting for the new arrival, we will update the web pages regularly. Happy summer - in Norway. Happy winter - in Australia.

Eirik and Harry - Harry to the

Eirik is inspecting everything that is possible to inspect.

It is winter in Australia - and the clementines are ready to be picked - directly from the veranda.

Last time Eirik was visiting he was to smal to drive the tractor...
Yamba, NSW - 27. June 2010 - Pos 29°26S 153°20E - sailed from Oslo 42986nm

The wind eased off as promised. We crossed Wide Bay Bar without any problems and headed for Manly just south of Brisbane.
It was time for week 19th's pregnancy control. Heidi had an appointment at the doctor the day we arrived in Manly, but for the ultra sound scan we had to wait one week. The week was spent in Moreton Bay outside Brisbane, hoping to see Dugongs - sea cows - close up. We had no luck with spotting any Dugongs, but the ultra sound scan showed that everything seems to be as it should with the coming mother and the little one inside.
Also this tme we headed south from Manly to Southport in protected water. Through Seaway we sailed out to the ocean and the course was set for Yamba. This last ocean passage gave us spectacular whale sightings. The Humpback Whale is on its yearly swim from the outhern Ocean to warmer water. With 5 occasions we experienced Humpback Whale jumping out of the ocean - an amazing sight. just outside the entrance to Clarende iver we were welcomed by dophins that followed us all the way to Yamba Marina. It was as they said "welcome back"...
Eirik is back where he in March last year signed onboard. As 16 months old he has sailing experience from 11390 nautical miles of sailing!!!

Eirik ready with the ropes, on the arrival in Yamba.


Heidi is growing steadily and is looking forward to "relax" in one place until she is due...

Humback whale - knølhval - Megaptera Novaeangliae.

A sceptic Eirik during the class where he was thought about Spanish mackerel...
Wide Bay Bar, QLD - 14.June 2010 - Pos 25°49S 153°02E - sailed from Oslo 42726nm

In Rosslyn Bay we visited Margrete and Reidar – as we did one year ago when we headed north. We originally met Reidar (75) in New Caledonia, when he was sailing from the Mediterranean to Australia – singlehanded!
From Rosslyn Bay we sailed south in nice conditions. Wind from west gives small waves and comfortable sailing. When the wind changed to southerlies we anchored in Bundaberg Port – the same port we anchored in 2008 when we arrived in Australia for the first time – then from New Caledonia.
When the wind changed back to SW, we sailed SE across Hervey Bay, inside Fraiser Island – and through The Great Sandy Strait. It was comfortable to know that we had been through the Strait before, since it some places are VERY shallow. After anchoring midway in the Strait to wait for favorable tide (some places the charted depths are 0,4m…) we continued south to Wide Bay Bar.
We are in no hurry to sail out to sea across the Wide Bay Bar, since the wind is from the south. Strong southerly wind gives interesting conditions at the bar – the shallow area we have to sail over to get out to sea. Hopefully we will be on our way Wednesday or Thursday…
Well dressed "climber". Eirik
has discovered that he can`t
run arouond without clothes
all the time.

It is 18°C in the boat - Eirik is preparing for the next bathing season - dressed with wool socks...
Erik and Eirik at Margrete`s and Reidar`s place in Byfield - with Erik`s dad Karl.

The plan was to change oil and oilfilter, but a leak in the seawater strainer was discovered and had to be fixed.

Where did all the dolphins "go"... ?
Rosslyn Bay, QLD - 31.May 2010 - Pos 23°09S 150°47E - sailed from Oslo 42475nm


It does not happen every day, that two Norwegian yachts are anchored in the same bay in Australian waters – both Bavaria, both 42”.
S/Y Hilde sailed from Norway in 2008 with plans for a one year cruise in the Atlantic Ocean – suddenly the cruise was prolonged and Hilde was on her way through the Panama Canal. Empire should have been on her way towards South Africa. We met at Arlie Beach inside The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Hilde on her way north, Empire on her way south. It became a long, very nice and memorable Saturday evening when we met Reidun and Finn – and their sailing friends in s/y Blues – at Arlie Beach! Too bad we had to move on to quick – in each our direction.
This far south inside The Great Barrier Reef we are again getting nicer sailing conditions – not only 25knots of wind on the nose. We also have to dress properly, especially at the night watches. At this side of the globe it is soon winter, and we still heading further south. The air feels like fresh Norwegian early spring!

S/Y Hilde - "suddenly" she
was underway across the
Pacific Ocean...
Bavaria 42 AC 1999 and Bavaria 42 Cruiser 2004 anchored in Australian water.
Reidun and Finn -
Heidi, Eirik and Eivind.

In Thailand we resealed the teakdeck with epoxy. When the wind is right sanding is next - the foreman watching from the mast...

Townsville, QLD - 26.May 2010 - Pos 19°15S 146°49E - sailed from Oslo 42102nm

We did not get very far south from Portland Roads before the wind got stronger. We anchored at Howick Island for a couple of days, waiting for the wind to calm down. When the wind finally settled, we sailed past Cairns and directly south to Townville.
When you have been a place before things is always much easier. After two days in Townsville all the things on our list were done. We also got time to meet old friends from our first visit, even though our stay was a bit short this time. Hopefully we will be able to see our friends again in about a year`s time, when we sail north again…

25 knots on the nose sailing
south inside The Great
Barrier Reef.
Lunch break...
Empire is getting the diesel tank topped up in Portland Roads.
Filling Johnson`s baby oil in a leak compass...

Eirik has his own ship.

Portland Roads, QLD - 17.May 2010 - Pos 12°36S 143°25E - sailed from Oslo 41565nm


The 10. of May we sailed around Cape York. The weather forecast promised “calm” wind for a cople of days. 20knots wind from the ESE gave us a humid voyage in bumpy seas after rounding the cape. Since ESE is the prevailing wind direction at this time of the year, we expect headwinds all the way to Townswille, maybe even further south…
13. of May the forecast promised stronger winds again, so we dropped the hook in Portland Roads waiting for it to calm down. In addition to Empire, there were also a couple of fishing boats anchored, from which we got a few nice Mackerel. Two sailboats also stayed on night, but they headed on as they were northbound.
The Norwegian National Day the 17. of May is celebrated with moving on south! The wind has again calmed down and we hope to get a long stretch further south during the next few days.

Cape York, Australia - 8.May 2010 - Pos 10°43S 142°22E - sailed from Oslo 41331nm


A little bit more than 4 days after departing Gove, Empire was again lying still. We anchored west of Possession Island just after dawn the 5.th of May. The voyage across the Gulf was “fresh” – with headwinds all the way. Actually we were ready for a race across the Australian answer to Bay of Biscay, but our friends Anna and Andrew in the 47-feet yacht Stardancer returned to Gove after 1½ days sail.
It is a long time since we have had that much water over deck. Too bad some of that water found its way in to Empire – but not more than we could dry it up now and then…
If weather allows us we will sail round Cape York Sunday or Monday.

Gove, NT, Australia - 29.April 2010 - Pos 12°12S 136°41E - sailed from Oslo 40816nm


26. April kl. 2330 we dropped the anchor in Melwille Bay , Northern Territory , Australia . It is 8 months since last time we visited Gove, then underway west- and north towards Asia .
The voyage from Puteri Harbour in Malaysia lasted 19 days with a sailed distance of 2251 nautical miles – too many of those powered by motor. Luckily we won't have to use the engine that much sailing east and south from Gove. Instead we will be well trained in headwind sailing travelling south inside The Great Barrier Reef ...
We were welcomed back to Gove by Frances, Ted and Bjørn onboard the Australian/Swedish yacht Kaylie (which we met when we last visited Gove). Gove is a desolate place. With “local” friends guiding and transporting us around, preparing for the next leg is easy. We hope one day to give them the same service, when they visit us in Norway …
Diesel on its way to Empire...

Flores Sea like a mirror.
Christopher, Heidi, Eirik
& Eivind.
Sometimes we experienced a little bit of wind...
Arafura Sea - 24. April 2010 - Pos 10°42 S 133°09 E - sailed from Oslo 40574nm

This morning we saw the light from the lighthouse on New Year Island – in Northern Territory – AUSTRALIA . It seems as we have done the navigation right…
As usual when approaching Australia , we are over flown by Customs Coast Watch several times every day. They ask the same interesting questions again and again. The Customs seemed a little disappointed since the Captain every time told we were only four persons onboard…
Finally we have caught some fish. In the fishing competition the results are 0-0-0-3. The Captain is in the lead, with Barracuda, Dolphin Fish and Blackfin Tuna landed. Fresh food is again served onboard. About 250 nautical miles left to Gove.
Banda Sea, Indonesia - 20. April 2010 - Pos 8 °8 S 125°5 E - sailed from Oslo 40106nm

After too many hours under engine we made pit stop at Lovina Beach on the north coast of Bali ( Indonesia ) for refuelling. After 4 hours we weighed the anchor and continued our passage towards Australia . We set the course east on the north side of the Indonesian islands Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Alor.
The winds we have seen have been weak and variable in direction also after we left Bali . Lightning and thunderstorms have so far kept it's distance but gives an incredible view. We hope it will continue to stay away from us…
The fishing lines are out but the only we have caught so far is garbage. Dolphins, whale and birds keep us company. Except from Empire and an occasional cargo ship there are few boats to see in the Flores Sea . Our new crew member Christopher has found his sea legs and adjust well to life onboard and out at sea.
When we rounded the 11.th day of the passage we were halfway to Gove, in distance measured in a direct line. While writing this we are approaching the northern tip of East Timor and soon we'll be out in the Arafura Sea .
Fill up. please!!
Playground and bed for the little sailor.
Mum's little helper...
Java Sea,Indonesia - 11. April 2010 - Pos 1°55 S 108°05 E - sailed from Oslo 37922nm

The American yacht Bahati with Betsy and Nat had to change their plans because of illness in the family back home. Therefore we offered their crew Christopher to sign onboard Empire for the voyage to Australia.
We originally met Christopher Blake when we were in New Zealand. There we sailed as crew with Christopher’s father Tony as Captain - onboard the classic wooden yacht Thelma. Departure was postponed, to allow Christopher to get from Lamgkawi to Puteri Harbour.
Thursday morning April 8. we threw off, heading south and east. The Singapore Strait was “as usual” very crowded, but we sailed safely across. Crossing the Singapore Strait can be compared with running across a highway at peak hour…
In the afternoon we even had some wind, and sails were hoisted as soon we were over in Indonesian waters. In nice wind we sailed south on the west side of Batam Island heading for the Java Sea. The weather forecast looks good, with at least some wind – from the right direction.
9. April kl. 1415 (LT) Empire crossed the Equator for the third since she sailed from Norway. Also this time Neptune came visiting.
Last night we got messages on the Navtex receiver telling about “sea robberies” in the area 200 nm north of us…
Puteri, Malaysia - 4. April 2010 - Pos 1°25 N 103°39 E - sailed from Oslo 37574nm

We will throw off from Purteri Harbour Tuesday 5. April. We are planning to head for the north coast of Australia. Hopefully wind and diesel will take us directly towards Thursday Island, Gove or Darwin. We expect that the voyage will take between 20 and 40 days. From the northern coast of Australia we plan to head east and then south the east coast, most probably to Yamba - where we will stay for some time, waiting…
Our Malaysian friends Yong Kim and Ho Keat have taken us around for shopping different places, so that we have been able to find all the things that are “nice to have” onboard – which we would have used ages to find on our own.
Saturday it was time for “Sail course part 2” with our friends. There was also served Norwegian food in different varieties to tickle Malay/Chinese taste buds. We hope to see our friends in Norway one day!
The ultra sound examination Friday showed that there was life inside Heidi. Everything seemed to be “normal” – and we could only see one… Heidi is having a nice time with morning sickness. We hope that it won’t be too annoying to be in the beginning of the pregnancy on the long voyage ahead of us.
Eirik had several tricks to
teach during the "sail

Yan Jun, Hong Shen (3mnd), Ho Keat and Boon Ping in Jahor Strait.
Heidi used the possibility to exercise with two small ones...
Boon Ping missed the first day of the "course" when Empire visited Puteri on her way north - here under supervision by "experienced sailor" Yong Kim and Hong Shen.
Puteri, Malaysia - 29. March 2010 - Pos 1°25 N 103°39 E - sailed from Oslo 37574nm


We had a nice sail south from Phuket via Langkawi (Malaysia) and Port Dickson to Puteri Harbour. When we arrived in Malaysia from the south last year, Puteri Harbour was our first port.
If we are heading for Australia or South Africa this season we still don’t know for sure. The ultrasound scan coming Friday will decide…
In Puteri we met our friends from last visit. Together we drove to the city of Melaka, where we among others visited the Zeng He’s Cultural Museum. After our last visit in Melaka, the Captain got the book “1421 – The year China discovered the world” written by Gavin Menzies. The book is very interesting and has resulted in the Captain being very interested in world history – and is recommended reading for everybody that was thought a different world history at school. Last time in Melaka we missed the Zeng He’s museum.
Waiting for the ultra sound scan, we are maintaining the boat and getting the provisions on board. Either of our possible routes will be long and through remote areas…

"1434 - The Year..." is also
interesting reading - Eivind
now feels updated on the
world history.

Anyone that haven't taken
the hint?
Eng Yo, one of our friends from last visit in Puteri, brought her birthday party onboard.
Zeng He's fleets consisted of large ships - some of them 140 meter long!!!
Ao Chalong, Phuket - 12. March 2010 - Pos 7°49 N 98°21 E - sailed from Oslo 36992nm


If we had stayed with our last plans, we had been on our way to the Maldives. We are instead ready to head south - back to Malaysia and Indonesia. If we get our visa applications granted, we will thereafter most probably proceed towards Australia...
- it is good that a plan is only a plan!!!

We are looking forward to be under way again!

Eirik Våge Bogerud
- able seaman.
When s/y Pomona sailed out of from Nai Harn, we thought we would not meet again before Farsund in 2013...
The birthday presents came quickly in use.
Eirik's favourite Nanny at Lighthouse Café, Ao Chalong, Phuket.
Nai Harn , Phuket - 4. March 2010 - Pos 7°46 N 98°18 E - sailed from Oslo 36984nm


One year has passed since we became THREE crew members onboard Empire. Time flies by also for us on a long sailing voyage, that is for sure!!!
Eirik saw the world for the first time 4th March 2009 kl 1420 NSW-time (East Australia/UTC+9) - in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.
Eirik’s first birthday is celebrated with Empire anchored in the bay Nai Harn southwest on Phuket. We are ready to hoist the sails and go west, but first we want Eirik to be ready. He has a runny nose and a serious diarrhoea…


Eirik Våge Bogerud
- able seaman.

12 months.
7 months.
2 months.
1 month.
5 months.
8 months.
9 months.
Ao Chalong , Phuket - 19. Feb 2010 - Pos 7°49 N 98°21 E - sailed from Oslo 36967nm


We had a very nice sail south to Langkawi (Malaysia) and back to Phuket. We found several beautiful anchorages on the way. After the little trip abroad we are allowed back in to Thailand for another month – and that is enough until we set of for new destinations...
On the way Anne-Britt’s and Bjørnar’s friend Car-Petter signed onboard for the voyage back to Phuket. Together we have had very nice days along the coast. At Ko Lanta the girls even managed to attend a Thai-cocking course run by Norwegian Juni and “Time for Lime”.
Bjørnar’s 11. visit since we threw off from Norway is coming to an end – Anne-Britt and Bjørnar are soon heading back to Norway and snow…
Godfather Bjørnar and Eirik have become good friends during the visit – even though Bjørnar thought Eirik was making a little bit too much noise the first few days.
Soon we are expecting another short visit from Norway, before we set the course towards new territories.

Eirik is moving around all the
time - the safety harness is
more or less always worn.

From the top of the cable car yoy can see all the islands of Langkawi - and "all the way" to Thailand.
Shallow water on the west side of Ko Lanta - we anchored in "the middle of the ocean".
Cocking course for the girls - gourmet dishes will be served onboard Empire in the coming days!
Ao Chalong , Phuket - 8. Feb 2010 - Pos 7°49 N 98°21 E - sailed from Oslo 36719nm


Done in Boat Lagoon we sailed south on Phuket Island to Nai Harn, where we have done more maintenance work.
The Sikaflex caulking on the teak deck haven’t appreciated the high temperatures we have been sailing in the last years. Several places the notches looked more like melted rubber – that we stepped in and spread all over.
Nice and dry weather made the Captain clean all notches and redo them – this time with black epoxy – just in time before our guests arrived. Sanding the caulks still remains. We have also done other maintenance tasks, so Empire is back in pretty good shape…
Anne-Britt and Bjørnar signed on the 6th February and will serve onboard for 14 days. They were pretty white when they arrived, but soon red will be the dominating colour…
If it was drinking the welcome drinks or working the teak deck that gave strong pain in Captain’s one arm, remains uncertain. A visit to the hospital was needed to bring the arm back in shape. The service and the people working at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket were very professional.
Soon we are heading for Langkawi for a “visa-run” and nice cruising with our friends

5 days with hard work- and
finally the Captain could rest
his knees and elbows

Norwegian Pomona (pictured) and American Bahati met us in Nai Harn.
Winter cold friends from Norway found their way onboard.
Eirik - 11 months old and loves bathing - and sailing.
Maintenance, cleaning, maintenance, cleaning - soon as new!
Ao Chalong , Phuket - 28. Jan 2010 - Pos 7°49 N 98°21 E - sailed from Oslo 36703nm


Finally out of Boat Lagoon Marina – ready to explore more of the Phuket area. A few days turned into 10 days in the marina berth, after Empire was back in the water – On the other hand she is now clean both on the outside and on the inside. It is amazing what gathers onboard after almost 5 years underway on long voyage. We have thrown away some things – the rest is gone through and at least clean.
When Empire was back in the water after her days on the hard, we found out that we were assigned a marina berth with a depth of only 70 CENTIMETER at low tide. That the keel is down in the mud at low tide, is pretty common in Boat Lagoon. That the whole hull with S-drive and rudder was to be stuck in the mud did not please the Captain. Actually it was Peder that discovered that he got sand in his fishing net when he was fishing beside Empire…
The Captain kindly insisted on getting a berth with more depth, but had to use CAPPITAL letters before something happened. Then we even got a berth were Empire was floating above the mud – even at low tide. It is a little irritating to put the newly serviced s-drive and cleaned rudder bearings in the mud the first day after the maintenance on the hard!

During his visit in Phuket
Peder got time to use the
surfing skills he acquired
when he visited us in

The compass needed refill of oil but Suunto would not reveal any details about what oil to use - but "the boys at the yard" gave us the advise -" try Johnson Baby oil"...

When Eirik meet same age sailing friends - which happen too seldom - he is very happy!

The sun is strong at this latitude. Protection is important.
Boat Lagoon , Phuket - 19. Jan 2010 - Pos 7°58 N 98°23 E - sailed from Oslo 36686nm


When we were done with the New Year celebrations and life onboard went back to normal – with the visitors back in Norway – it was time for “spring-maintenance”. Last time Empire was painted with antifouling was in New Zealand almost two years ago. In addition to regular maintenance we have equipped Empire with solar panels.
While Empire was on the hard Eivind’s son Peder signed onboard for one week. Peder did not get the chance to enjoy much sailing during his visit this time. Instead he enjoyed boat work, swimming and elephant riding.
Peder also met old friends during his stay. Sjur, who sailed on the Norwegian yacht Blue Marlin in the Caribbean in 2005/6 suddenly showed up on the table next to us during a lunch on Surin Beach. Peder met the Swedish yacht Satuma in Valdivia (Chile) in 2007 and the American yacht Bahati at Galapagos the same year – now Peder met both yachts in Boat Lagoon.
We still have some maintenance work left on the “spring-maintenance-list”, but we hope to get most of that done when we are sailing around in the Phuket-area. There is no reason to stay in the mud-hole Boat Lagoon longer than necessary…

Almost like new - Empire on
her way back to where she

belongs after 7 days on the

hard in Boat Lagoon Marina

Eirik really enjoys the wet element.

When Peder met Nat (behind Peder on the elephant) at Galapagos, it was turtles and sealions that was on the agenda!

Since Empire was on the hard, we had to enjoy "regular turist-life" on Phuket's western beaches...