created April 2012

Sometime late autumn 2012 Empire most probably sails back in to her homeport in Bestumkilen, Oslo, Norway - after a more than 7 years long sailing voyage. It is about time that Heidi and Eivind do like everybody else -  W O R K !!!
We have been working a bit underway, in addition to the physical work of keeping the yacht in good running condition. Still, again it is time to commit ourselves to some regular work. We don`t know yet what we would like to do when Empire is back in Oslo after her looong voyage. We have a feeling it should be something "not too usual". If you think that you can use us to something, do not hesitate to contact us!

Heidi is an architect with a Master of Architecture. She may be looking for a creative job involving architecture and design in one form or another. Jewelry design, yacht design, maritime project work, photographic design, writing...
Eivind may be looking for something in maritime sector/yacht sector or project work inland or outside Norwegian borders - communication - project work in Spitsbergen - or maybe something totally different? Only the fantasy makes the limitations, but if we are going to to bring the family away it may imply that both adults will be employed...

Lectures from the trip - "Do something different" - " "Sailing as a lifestyle" - "Dream or realty" - "Realize your dreams" or "Children no obstruction" is other alternatives, if you would like to engage us through your company or organization.
Follow the links below if you would like to know more about as and what we have been doing-

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Empire threw off from Bestumkilen, Oslo, Norway 3. July 2005, with Heidi and Eivind aboard. Most probably Empire will tie up at her dock in Oslo Motorbåtforening - with 2 new crew members aboard - after more than 7 years on tour - after about 60000 nautical miles sailed - after crossing her own wake - after crossing  the Equator 4 times - after rounding Cape Lindesnes, Cape Horn, Cape York and Cape of Good Hope, probably also Cape Race, Cape Farvel, South Cape (Svalbard/Spitsbergen) and Northcape!